How to do search engine optimization

how to do search engine optimization

How to do search engine optimization

When starting with a website, the most important thing is to get traffic. The only way to get traffic is when you know how to do search engine optimization. You can have the nicest website or sell the best service in the world. Without knowing how to do search engine optimization it will be almost impossible to make a living.

Every minute there is a new website popping up on the World Wide Web. That means every minute it becomes harder and harder to get to the top on the search results. Especially when we are combating against multi million dollar companies.

How to do search engine optimization has become more and more crucial for having a flourishing business.

We must know certain aspects about search engine optimization…

When having 10 websites who are basically explaining the same thing, which page is the search engine going to put on the top #1?

There are many factors we have to take into account.

We have keyword analysis, article length, seo friendliness, backlinks, domain authority and many many other SEO factors.

To start we will use a unique keyword or keyword phrase for every article on our website


From the beginning of search engine time, keywords has been the root of how to do search engine optimization. It’s important we find a good keyword or keyword phrase. And then we build our article around that particular keyword, in order to try ranking for that chosen keyword.

There are many ways to find keywords. Here you can find in detail the free SEO keyword tools.

The most common is Google Adwords. Adwords is designed for people who want to invest in ads. But they also have a keywordplanner that gives very detailed information about the keywords we can use. It is a free tool.

When we type in a niche, we can find the keywords around that niche. We also see how much that keyword has been searched over the period of one month. And we can see the competition of the keyword.

The competition does not really say much about the real competition on the internet. It means the competition in adwords campaigns. But still it can be an indication of how important a certain keyword is. When people are bidding more than 5 dollar per click on a certain keyword. You can easily suggest, that the keyword is very competitive.

When reading how to do search engine optimization. It is not in your best advantage to try to rank for highly competitive keywords. First, it can take up to 2 years before you will start ranking for them. And second, you need to learn a lot more about how to do search engine optimization.

Choose a low hanging fruit

Low hanging fruit are the keywords that do not have the biggest search volume. But because of that, they will have fewer competitors. That will make it a little bit more easy to rank.

To give a concrete example. If you are writing about losing weight. Don’t try to rank for “weightloss”. Because everybody wants to rank for weight loss. Chances are high that many other weight loss websites have deeper knowledge of SEO than you. So it will become very hard to outrank them. In the future you will, of course. Getting a deeper know how, it will even become easy and fun. But for the moment you can’t.

So instead of using “weight loss”. We will use “weight loss for women over 50” or another one, “weight loss without doing sports”, “weight loss after pregnancy”, “weight loss after high cortisol levels”… I’m sure you can find more than hundred keywords like that.

Using those kind of keywords will give you a higher chance on ranking high in the search results. And because of using every single time “weight loss …”. The authority for the keyword “weight loss” will improve.

In the future you will be able to rank to most competitive term in this niche => “weight loss”.

To find these longer keywords, we can use the automatic function in google search.

When typing in “weight loss” you will get a small insight of all the terms for weight loss being searched.

how to do search engine optimization how to do search engine optimization search engine optimization do search engine optimization search engine optimization

Number 1 on how to do search engine optimization is to make a big list with keywords. Keywords that we can use in our different blogposts. And keywords that are not having the biggest competition.

Writing the article

When writing an article, it is also important to know how to do search engine optimization. Because the article in combination with the chosen keyword. Is the most important factor for all of your SEO efforts you will do in later times.

We will use an interesting title, that makes people want to click on it, when seeing in search results. We should use our chosen keyword in the title.

The article should only have one H1 tag. Where we will use the keyword again. In all of the other H tags. We can use our keyword and other words. Don’t go spamming with the keyword in the other H-tags.

For WordPress users we should use “WordPress SEO plugin by yoast“. The plugin is free to use but has also a pro version

This is the best SEO plugin for WordPress. We will have an insight on how many times we have used the chosen keyword in our article. A good ratio for a keyword should be 1 to 2%. That means using the keyword once or twice every 100 words of the article.

Using the keyword more than 2% could look spammy. Using the keyword less than 1% might make you lose the power to rank on the chosen keyword.

Article length

When writing an article. It’s best practice to write articles around 1.000 words. A study indicated that all of the webpages ranking on the first page of Google. Have an article length around 930 words.

In order to rank on first page, we will use around 1.000 words in the article. That means using 10 to 20 times the keyword.


We will use 5 to 10 images in an article from 1.000 words. Use every single time the ALT tag. Do not use the same ALT tag two times unless the image contains the same content. We should also use the chosen keyword 1 to 2 times in the ALT tag of an image.

SEO Friendliness

Using those standards will help you to write SEO friendly articles. This is directly the first practice on how to do search engine optimization. We don’t want to write 100 blog posts without chosing keywords and with an article length around 300 words. And not using images.

First we will have to chose a certain keyword for every blogpost. We should make the article to fit a 1.000 words and we should to add minimum 500 images to our website. This will make you lose weeks.

SEO friendly articles is the first step in how to do search engine optimization. I suggest concentrate on those things in the beginning.

What’s next?

When we dig deeper in how to do search engine optimization we have to look at the backlinks, domain authority, trust, CTR, Social media influence and so on…

I have a clients website about healthy food. With around 200 articles on the website. Some of the articles contain very competitive keywords like “weight loss” “low carbs”. Over 100 articles are ranking on the first page in Google.

This is commonly because the articles contain more than 1.000 words. And they offer reliable information. Information that can be checked all over the web. The funny thing is that making the articles longer and adding images is the only thing I suggested to the webmaster.

I didn’t look to get backlinks for the website. But when I check his website for backlinks. We find over 700 backlinks. I didn’t add any backlinks and I gave the advice to the webmaster, not to look for any backlinks either.

All of the 700 backlinks are coming from other people who own a website. And who added a backlink to the website INSIDE their article.

Those are directly the strongest backlinks we can get. Inside the article.

So without doing any backlink work. We get free backlinks from people who gave our website as a RESOURCE.

I suggest to do the same.

Writing informative, reliable articles in easy to understand language will make people happy and they will see your website as a reliable source (if you are not trying to sell a product on each and every single post).

Doing this will help you get free backlinks, will eventually increase domain authority fast.

This is how to do search engine optimization. Here we will optimize mostly the on page factors. In order to optimize the off page factors automatically as a result of the SEO friendly on page SEO factors.

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