Advanced Link Building Techniques 2016

advanced link building techniques

Advanced Link Building Techniques 2016

A few years ago, backlinks could help you rank on the number one position in Google. Without even caring where the backlinks came from. Nowadays Google can make your website go from position one to position fifty-five. With one single update of their algorithm. When using advanced link building techniques. We can still enjoy the favor of ranking high in the serps or search engine results. But we have to pay better attention on the quality of the backlinks.

Google works a little different right now. We have Penguin, Pigeon, Pirate, Panda and Hummingbird. All designed to give better quality search results when a user is doing a certain search.

Following these updates, makes it useless to practice the old link building techniques. Those include article submission, bookmarkings and directories.

Backlinks is still a very important ranking factor. But the way Google can evaluate the backlinks has changed to a level that we will not do any benefit anymore with getting low quality links.

In this post we find 10 advanced link building techniques to help you encourage people to add a link to your webpage.

Quality Backlinks vs Low Quality Backlinks

Using link building can help us to improve the rankings in Google. But we need to start using advanced link building techniques to make it work.

When we can combine relevant links, with trustworthy links from an authoritative website. We will have many benefit with having those links in our profile.

What are trustworthy links?

When we trust somebody. We will not ask any questions if they want you to do something for you. You would even do it blindly. The way humans trust someone. So does Google work.

Having a trustworthy website. Is a very important ranking factor. They even have a rank for it. Called the trust rank. Making sure Google has more trust in your domain will help you to rank higher in the search results.

The same thing works for getting backlinks. Getting back links from trusted domains. Will count as a high quality back link. When it is combined with relevancy, your website will go sky high.

Important ways to be more trustworthy in the eyes of Google. Is to add outbound links to .gov and .edu websites on your website. Of course when it’s relevant to your article or website.

Relevant links

The relevancy of the link is very important for Google. Everybody who makes a link to your website. Should have an article or website who offers relevant information to the information we find on your website.

If you have a website about losing weight and you get a link from a website about healthy food. We have relevancy with healthy food. So it will count as a relevant link.

If we have the same website about losing weight. And we get a backlink from a website about fishing. We will not have any benefits from that. It can even work the other way around. And can do us harm.

Domains with a certain authority

Getting back links from websites with a high domain authority is a very good way to boost your own website’s authority.

A great example is Wikipedia. No matter what search term you type in Google. Wikipedia will appear number one in the search results.

Another good way to build authority is to publish a lot of content. Content that is informative and unique. And offers a solution for the questions a user may have.

Advanced link building techniques

We explained how the tactics for link building has changed over the years. Now we can go on to the advanced link building techniques we have to practice in order to benefit from the backlinks we have pointing to our website or websites.

Check the competition

When you first start out with a new website. The best way to attract some backlinks is to check out where your competitors get their link profile.

Chances are high you can have a backlink from the same domain if they can. Offer a better solution than your competitor. Give more detailed information. And ask to link to your updated article.

Find Broken back links

When going to a website of your choice. A website where you would like to have a backlink from. You can use the “Check My Links” plugin from Chrome.

When the website is pointing to an article that no longer exist. You can write a post around the subject. And contact the webmaster saying that the backlink is not working anymore. But you have an article to add in it’s place.

Nobody wants to link to a webpage that gives a “page not found 404 error”. So they will be easy to convince, in adding the link to your webpage.

Post full guides

Another advanced link building technique is to add full guides to your website.

When having a website about losing weight you could give away healthy recipes to lose weight for an entire week.

People who find it will massively share your content on the web. And back links will start coming in.


Skyscraper technique is an advanced link building technique by Brian Dean. Webmaster of Backlinko.

Skyscraper technique is finding an article with many back links pointing to it. Than simply writing a more detailed version or more up to date version.

And letting the people who link to it know, that there is more detailed information about this subject.

Finding dead backlinks

When we changed the url to a certain page. Or moved the website to another domain. Many backlinks will be pointed to empty space. Resolving that issue will help you rank better in the search results.

You can check dead backlinks using webmasters tools and use a redirect to solve them.

Find out who talks about you

Sometimes people are talking about you or your work on their website. But they don’t mention your url.

Finding those websites and contacting the webmaster to ask for a back link could be an easy way to have a backlink.

Maybe you could surprise them with a free offer instead.

Commenting on blogs

Commenting on blogs could help you to get some backlinks in a very fast way.

Although we have to be aware that we can not use commenting on blogs to spam our links.

By adding your link in resolving a question on the blog. The link looks natural and will give you another backlink.


People love images. Having infographics on your webpage will ensure that people who does not like to read. Will massively share your content.

Making your content visual is far more attractive for humans than having solely textual content.

Infographics tend to get more likes on social media. And webmasters who use them on their site, are having an average of 10% growth in the web traffic.

A good way to use infographics is by adding an embed code below the graphic. So people can share it more easily on their website.

List building

When creating lists on your website to give information. People will be more likely to share your content. Simply because everbody likes to read information that comes in a list format.

When having a website about healthy foods or weight loss. You can easily create lists like :

  • Best Foods containing vitamine A
  • Top 20 Foods containing fiber
  • Top 10 Foods containing iron

Give away things for free

By giving away things for free. You will not only build your e-mail marketing list. You will attract many visitors and as a result back links.

People love to have things. Especially when they are free. And are giving good relative information to their problems.

Giving away free e-books, recipes, tools and “how to do …” tutorials will offer much more than just building a mailinglist.



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2 Comments on "Advanced Link Building Techniques 2016"

  1. You didn’t mention guest posting, does it mean this type of link building is now outdated or not working? What can you about it? 🙂

    • Djenci Duquene | May 11, 2016 at 10:51 am | Reply

      Guest posting is nofollow. It will basically do nothing to your SEO efforts. 🙂
      I suggest investing your time in writing good valuable content.
      You can still use private blog networks until this day. But you have to be very careful with it. (In the future, when I find time I will explain why private blog networks can be very dangerous)
      On the other hand, getting to know other people in your niche, who are not directly competitors to your product could be very helpful too. But you have to first offer them something in order to help you.

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