8 Most Efficient Ways To Get High Quality Backlinks For Free

high quality backlinks for free

Unfortunately we cannot rank without having a ton of high quality backlinks. But how can we get high quality backlinks for free to our website?

There are many ways how we can do this. Nowadays we cannot rank anymore with having some shady links from dark domains. We have to find a better way and we have to get quality. Without that, our efforts for building backlinks might be a waste of time.

Backlinks have a bad history. People exploited the use of them in order to rank higher in Google and other search engines. Therefore many people are afraid of the word itself. Afraid to get a penalty by Google. And lose a big part of their traffic.

But we need to build a large amount of links to our website if we want to rank higher. So we have no other choice than to take that pill and start getting some high quality backlinks for free.

1 Write great content

high quality content

I know, this is everybody’s number 1 way to get a lot of backlinks. But it’s the best way also. If we write extended posts where we explain something in full detail. Than people will automatically link to your website. Because they will want to use it as a reference for their own post.

It’s not just about getting enough backlinks. We’ve got to have some good quality external links in our posts as well. So if you write an article about the benefits of omega 3 fish oil. Make sure you write all the benefits and not just one of them. Point out there are some side effects in taking those supplements. And what are the best supplements and foods to get a higher amount of omega 3 in your body.

If we do that, than every article that writes about one certain benefit of omega 3, will want to link out to you. Because you point out all the benefits. You are the source.

2 Share on social media

high quality backlinks social media

Another great way of getting high quality backlinks for free is to share your posts on social media. And I don’t just mean Facebook and Twitter with that. Sure they might be the most important and might have the most amount of members.

Huge traffic comes from pinterest. Be sure to have all of the images on your website, listed down on your pinterest page. You will see there will be a lot of traffic coming from pinterest to your site.

When those people that come to your website, have a blog themselves, they can use your post as a source to write a post themselves.

As I mentioned, don’t just take Facebook and Twitter. Use a whole lot of them.

  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

3 Social Media Page

Besides sharing your content on your personal social media profile. You have to make a page for every website you own. On every social media network. Be sure to have a LinkedIn page, Tumblr page, Pinterest page, Google + page, Facebook page and Twitter account for every website you own.

By doing that you can start building people that like your website. They will be excited for every new post that gets published. And be willing to share your article on their own social media profile page.

That does not only gives you high quality backlinks for free. But it opens another chance of becoming a resource for other bloggers.

4 Get on forums

forum high quality backlinks

Becoming active on forums is another great way to get high quality backlinks for free. And I don’t mean spamming your link on forum posts.

If you are having a website about food or weight loss. Be sure to become active on as many forums as you can, surrounding that subject.

Become a source on that forum. In almost all fora we can add our homepage in our profile. That should be enough. When we help people out on those fora, people will automatically check out our profile.

When they see our website, they might be willing to share on social media, or use your website as a resource.

Forums also have high authority. So having your link in your profile might be enough to give your website a bit more status.

5 Give things for free

give away things free backlinks

Another great way to attract visitors and to receive high quality backlinks for free, is when you actually give away stuff for free.

We continue with our weight loss website. Write a small e-book about how to lose weight. And you will see that tons of people will link to it. Make sure you have your link on every page of that ebook’s footer. By that everybody that gets to see your book, will visit your website. And might link to it.

6 Wikipedia

Another great way to get high quality backlinks for free is Wikipedia. Ok, they are nofollow. But anyway it will give our website more status and I’m sure it helps you rank in the search engine. Wikipedia is a trusted website. Getting a backlink from a trusted source like wikipedia will help you rank.

And besides, we cannot focus mainly on dofollow. Otherwise our backlinking profile will look a bit shady.

7 Mentions

Look for your website, name or brandname on Google. And see who is mentioning you but does not link to you yet.

We assume the mentions will be positive. So when they are we can send an email to the webmaster.

You can say that you like his or her site and that the information is very valuable etc. And then you ask them if they would like to point a link to the mentioning of your name or website, brandname.

In 99% of the cases they will say yes. And that gives you some high quality backlinks for free.

8 High quality backlinks for free using dead links

A lot of websites pop up every single day. But a lot of them get abandoned every single day too! With that in mind we can start finding some high quality backlinks for free using dead links.

In order to do that we need to have notepad opened. We search in Google for our keyword. A better approach might be to look for something connected to your keyword. That might be more useful if the niche is very competitive.

We continue our website about weight loss and we have an article about running for instance, or protein shakes. We can find a website that writes about protein shakes, maybe selling protein shakes.

We search for protein shakes and we get a ton of links. The websites that are most profitable for us to have a link on, we write down in our notepad.

After that we need to use the Chrome extension “Check my links”. With that we can see all of the dead links on every single website.

If we located some dead links we can contact the admin and say that the link is broken, and that we have a similar article that could fit well on that post.

It’s a bit of a long proces, but a very easy way to find high quality backlinks for free.



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