How To Remove Powered By WordPress In Footer

delete wordpress link in footer

Removing Powered by WordPress in Footer

When we are using themes provided by wordpress, they will display a message in the footer of the website. That message saying Proudly powered by WordPress. Although WordPress is the best CMS to use for individuals. However, everybody is in fact proud to use that CMS. But still, when that link stays there at the bottom… It looks a bit unprofessional. That’s the reason why people want to remove it.

It is not an illegal thing to do. The CMS is free to use and it falls under the GPL. What means that we can change everything we want when we are working with it. And that’s just one of the many great things about WordPress.

Easy to do

We don’t need to have much knowledge about webdesign, html or php to do the job. It’s relatively easy to do.

There are many ways to do the trick and some of them might not be available in your theme settings. Therefore we will try to explain them all. So one way or the other, some method will surely work for you.

Custom CSS

If we have the ability to use custom CSS in our chosen theme. Then this is the best way to go. We don’t need to know anything for using that method. All we have to do, is write one simple line of code. And we fixed the issue.

Here it comes…

We first need to go to Appearance from there on we chose Customize

Below in the menu we will find Additional CSS and that’s the thing we need to use for this method.

There is one line of code that we have to add there. And we remove Proudly powered by WordPress from the footer!

What this code will do is hide the class called site-info. That’s the class which is used to display the link on the bottom of the website.

It’s the most easy way to remove Proudly powered by WordPress. However search engines might find it a warning signal when people are using this kind of CSS. In the past Black hat SEO practitioners have been using the same technique to stuff keywords and links on webpages. In order to give them a higher ranking in the search results.

If you are not afraid of digging in some simple code. Than a better option would be to use another method. But still we have to say…

This is 2017, Google has become smarter than we can ever imagine. I don’t really think they will see you as a spammer when you are only using this method for one single time. Because thousands of people are using that technique to remove Proudly powered by WordPress in footer.

So I wouldn’t consider having trouble with that method. It’s great for people who have absolutely no knowledge about programming. And for people who don’t want to learn php, but are just having a personal website.

Digging in some code

Another way is to edit the footer.php file. It is still very easy to do. The most difficult part here, is the fear that people might have, when they don’t have any knowledge about php. So they will be afraid that the website might be down or anything like that.

We can do serious harm here. But not if we follow exactly how we explain it here. Nothing bad will happen. No white page will appear. The website will not be broken.

In order to do this we have to go to our Dashboard.

Next step is to go to Appearance.

On the bottom of that menu we will find Editor.

The first page that will show up will be our Style.css, but we don’t need to use that file. In order to remove the proudly powered by WordPress we need to find our footer.

remove proudly powered by wordpress

We find Theme Footer (footer.php) on the right column…

powered by wordpress footer

We click on it and the footer.php page will appear instead of the style.css file that we don’t need…

Now we can start to remove some code in order to remove the Proudly powered by WordPress link.

Near the bottom of the footer.php page we will find a line of code that looks like this

Now that’s the line of code that we want to delete.

delete wordpress link in footer

Pay attention to only delete that piece of code. Nothing else…

Otherwise, we could still ruin our website…

Now we save the file and the Proudly powered by WordPress link will not appear anymore in footer.


However this technique works and has no risks involved with it. Still, it is not best practice. I will tell you why.

Everytime WordPress will update the theme, we have to remove that code again and again. It’s only a few seconds work but still it would be great if it stays like that and we don’t have to remove it every month or so…

For that we can make a child theme. I wrote another post on how to make a child theme for WordPress. It is very easy to do. No hard work involved with it. And everytime the theme get’s an update. We don’t have to remove things again and again.

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